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1. Five page handout on how to write a TOEFL essay click here

2. Information from websites on how to prepare for the TOEFL test. Sample questions. Links to online information.
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3. Scoring guide for the Test of Written English (TWE) or the Toefl essay
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4. Organizing the basic essay (35553)
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5. PC Vision on the eNord road offers classes in preparing for the online TOEFL exam. Ask me for Patrick's phone number. Nouakchott English Centre may also offer TOEFL preparation classes. You can do the online TOEFL (called the iBT) at PC Vision in Nouakchott at any time. For the written TOEFL you need to register at the US Embassy for the October test.

What should I do to prepare for the TOEFL?

a. Practice writing essays in 30 minutes. Time yourself. Work with a friend. Make sure your essays are five paragraphs long, with a good introduction, good topic sentences, one idea per parafraph.

b. Read a lot. Read online. Look on the Resources page of this website and find VOA and BBC. You need to practice reading quickly and with understanding. You need to increase your vocabulry.

c. Listening skills. If you have access to CDs or tapes to prepare for the TOEFL, use them. Some will soon be available in the language lab at Oasis Books. Some may be available at Global. Also try PC Vision when they open again in August. Otherwise, listen to VOA and BBC online and practice thinking as you listen.

d. Do practice tests. If you are doing the iBT, or internet TOEFL, practice your typing skills. You will need to type with an English keyboard quickly and accurately. You can take practice TOEFL tests online that will be scored for you. You can also do that at PC Vision.

e. Review your grammar and writing class notes. Work on spelling. Sentence fragments and run-ons. Work on topic sentences. Make sure every body paragraph has an example.

The TOEFL tests all of your English skills, so you need to work on everything. Spend hours everyday talking in English. Use English only. Read English books. Look up vocabulary words. Write one or two 30 minutes essays everyday. Listen to English online everyday. Review grammar everyday. Buy Essential Grammar in Use or study other grammar books.

Good luck to you all!

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