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How to register your topic:
Download this form. Write a one page thesis proposal, check with the department to see if your topic has been done before (or check the abstract page), get your supervisor to sign this document: Thesis student registration document

There are three HANDOUTS available here:

Just copy and paste them from this page or click on the link!

1. Websites for thesis research — see below
2. The English Department thesis Guidelines click here
3. Mrs. Green’s Guide to Literary Criticism Documents ONLINE — see below

Multicultural Literature in the US

USA literature in brief (PDF)

civil rights (PDF)

Books available FREE online — download classics of English literature one chapter at at time, free of charge!

The Literature Network.

Scroll through the author’s list. You can download books for free.


Classics of American Literature that you can download free of charge

American Literature Library

books for free

New information: this is a list of various transitions to use for different kinds of essays, such as comparison and contrast:
Compare and Contrast Transitions
More Transitions
Comparison and Contrast Essays


Links for Writing a Literature Paper:

1. Writing an Academic Paper
2. Coming up with a topic
3. Developing your thesis or statement of problem
4. Organizing your paper


ANALYZING DRAMA AND PLAYS How to analyze and write about drama! How to review a play, and how to write about a play Writing about Shakespeare Help with Writing about Drama Shakespeare resources


African Literature websites:
Post Colonial writers, including Emecheta:
Apartheid Literature:
African American:
Colonial Education:
Third World Women:
Yoruba women:

Links to websites for students studying pedagogical topics or education or teaching:

Literary resources on the net click here

A LIST OF WEBSITES FOR LITERATURE AND LITERATURE RESEARCH: Brooklyn College English Department list of resources

Literary resources: Feminism and Women's Issues click here
Internet Public Library literary criticism bookshelf
Encyclopedia Britannica Online
About Susannah Moodie
About Canadian Modernism
Margaret Atwood
Margaret Laurence
Alice Munro
Sinclair Ross
20th century American Lit
Literary Criticism – click on the title of your book, or your author’s name, or the kind of literature—British or American
Columbia Encyclopedia. Type your topic or title or author into the box beside “Search Columbia Encyclopedia”. If you type in the wrong box, you get a website that sells you books. There are good articles here.
Encarta Encyclopedia Online. This is the literature homepage.
This is the writers and poets homepage
At the bottom of Encarta articles, it says “How to cite this article” This is not exactly APA format, but it gives you the information you need for APA. You also need to save the HTTP for your APA reference. I found an article on Chinua Achebe here.
This is the Encarta article page. There are great articles here. The problem is, if the article has a red star, you must have a subscription to view it. But there are some that are free.
A list of resources on American authors and literature. For example, I found this site on Jack London:
The Harlem Renaissance
An Online book: Perspectives on American Literature, by P. Reuben
Gothic novels, like Bronte
Literary History, sites on American and British authors, and others. I found an whole list of articles online about Chinua Achebe:
Jane Austen:
George Eliot:
19th Century authors:
Walt Whitman:
And many others!
Canadian writers. I found something on Margaret Atwood here:
Canadian authors:

American History, Culture and Literature

journals about US culture and history and literature

US State Dept information
Democracy and Human Rights
Economics and Trade
Environment and Communication
Foreign Policy and National Security
Society and Values
Outline Series

Student Corner
online books, including: US Literature in Brief; US History in Brief, US Economy in Brief

University of Oregon websites on American Studies
Voice of the Shuttle full texts of American literature, plus articles about American writers and their works, by the University of California

Applied Linguistics, Teaching, Language Acquisition

Journal English Teaching Forum
Journal Language and Civil Society

Teaching Pragmatics

Proposal Questions:

Name and student number:

What I want to write about:____

What I want to say about this topic:______

How I intend to prove this: _____

List of five resources on this topic that I have already located in NKC (4 print sources, one online source)

Mrs. Green’s Guide to Literary Criticism Documents ONLINE (Sept 17, 2007)

I have compiled a list of “academic” sources. Most of these websites are associated with universities or government projects. The focus is mostly American, Canadian and British literature, but there are also sites that mention African authors as well.

Canadian Literature Section:

Canadian Poetry Archive

includes information on Canadian authors, such as Susannah Moodie and others

WO Mitchell Theme Page

The Canadian Literature Archive

This is where I found the WO Mitchell Theme Page. You need to search under author list and bibliographies etc, and keep clicking. There are great FREE resources here.

Notice, this is set up by the University of Manitoba, a Canadian University.

Canadian Authors - subpage of American Lit on the Web

a good list of resources for Canadian Literature, information on Alice Munro, Margaret Atwood

Canadian Literature, online resource list

A celebration of women writers (Canadian)


web resources on Canadian literature

Literary Criticism in General — American, British, African, Canadian etc

The Internet Public Library — online literary criticism

Excellent source of critical articles about literature online — free!

Internet Public Library resource list

great resources here on literature of all kinds

The Cambridge History of English and American Literature An Encyclopedia in Eighteen Volumes

Considered the most important work of literary history and criticism ever published, the Cambridge History contains over 303 chapters and 11,000 pages, with essay topics ranging from poetry, fiction, drama and essays to history, theology and political writing. The set encompasses a wide selection of writing on orators, humorists, poets, newspaper columnists, religious leaders, economists, Native Americans, song writers, and even non-English writing, such as Yiddish and Creole.

As far as I can tell, this is online and free. I looked up George Eliot, Victorian British author, for example, and found lots of great stuff.

Electronic Archives for the teaching of American Literature

Set up by Georgetown University, a good free resource on American Lit

Literary criticism online—a guide

Great list of sites to help you find literary criticism online free.

Lit Links

this website give biographies of authors and links to author websites with information about the author’s works

VG Website “Voices from the Gaps”

This is from the University of Minnesota. Biographies and information on the writing of “coloured women”

American Literature Web Resources

this is again a university website. How to analyze literature. How to write literature papers. Literary terms

Heath Anthology of American Literature

this is a vast collection of resources about American Literature. Essays about literature, critical essays, biographies. Sorted by time period.

Also includes a list of sites where you can download works of literature for FREE

American Literature on the Web

links to sites about US history and literature

John Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism — problem, need to be a subscriber

Information on literary theory, like what is deconstructionism? A huge resource

Writing a Literature Paper

University of Michigan.

good ideas on how to write a literature paper

one professor’s comments….

OWL Online Writing Lab Purdue University

planning and writing a literature paper

University of North Carolina

everything you need to know to write your thesis

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