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Special website with work on pronouncing the "th" sounds

th sounds

If you have problems with the various "th" sounds, try some of these exercises!
"th" part one
"th" part two

here are TWO new websites that have quizzes and games, even in Arabic and English!

Activities for ESL students

Vocabulary quizzes Arabic and English click here

Many Things for ESL students to do games, proverbs, grammar, daily page

Phonetics and pronuciation The University of Iowa Phonetics page

1. Voice of America Special English

This website has simple news stories that you can listen to and read. There is a vocabulary section and MP3s for you to download.

2. BBC Learning English
i. )[]

BBC for Jan 6th 2008 You can subscribe to this link, so they send you information to your email account each week!

This website has news stories to read and listen to. There are pages with grammar and vocabulary. There is a business English section.

BBC pronunciation click here

ii. ) HOW TO…

Make small talk during greetings click here

Keep a conversation going click here

finish a conversation click here

Gossip about somebody click here

Accept an apology click here

Make a Complaint click here

Respond to a Complaint click here

Ask someone to change their behaviour click here

Tell someone about a funny incident click here

Say Good-bye click here

iii.) Oct 13 BBC programs click here for a list of programs that you might enjoy listening to

iv.) WEBCASTS — programs to listen to and read along

How to improve your speaking click here

A programme about memory click here

Ramadan click here


BBC The Flat mates click here Every week you can listen to a new program about these roommates!

VOA Diabetes: click here
The American Constitution click here

A Disease Caused by Smoking click here

3. Structures

Using especially or speciallybold text

When you don't need to use an ARTICLE. A broadcast on how to use articles

Using "unless" click here

Using the emphatic "do" click here

Using Will and Going to click here

Using Should have click here

Disagreements with auxiliaries click here
4) BBC Message Board
And, of course, you can use your English in daily chat with people around the world by going to our Live Message Boards:

5) WORDS IN THE NEWS - News articles with vocabulary

Hostage Gang Arrested in Venezuela click here

New Information about HIV / AIDS click here
Argentina's first elected woman President Argentina news article with vocabulary notes
Pakistan Bhutto in the news

6) Idioms and phrasals

Idioms about beans

Funky Phrasals

Phrasals about Health

7)Grammar Questions and Answers

Present Perfect Continuous

The difference between normal, ordinary and usual

Using So and Neither

8) Vocabulary

Science Vocabulary

Science vocabulary click here

Games with vocabulary and grammar VOA click here

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