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US Embassy Dakar English page
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Resources recommended by US Embassy in Dakar

US Embassy Dakar Online Library online library
Abidjan Embassy sites for English language learning

US Embassy Mexico English teaching resources

ESL Study Hall, online activities ESL Study Hall Free English Lessons English lessons and other resources
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Ken's ESL blog more resources for teachers
free newsletter, lots of ideas

National Council of Teachers of English NCTE website
click on resources, then on lesson plans ncte lessons
Librarian's Internet Index click here
type ESL into search…. Then click on Tower of English Tower of English
Tower of English grammar site

CAELA Centre for Adult English Language Acquisition CAELA resources

right cell 3 alone

Online reference desk Reference Desk
Dictionaries, thesaurus, information about everything, like a whole library
newspapers, quotes

How to use the internet Ohio State Net Tutor
How to do email and how to use the internet

Free online English classes and lesson plans
Games, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, lessons

English lessons for French speakers

Teacher training, lesson plans, ideas Dave's ESL Café
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English for French speakers E

This is a page for all of you students who are teaching now.

Some of you are grads, some of you are teaching while finishing third and fourth year.

Maybe you are tutoring one or two friends, maybe you are teaching classes of 60 teenagers or children at a private school.

This page is for you!

META Mauritanian Association of Teachers of English This is the META website

Meetings are the second Monday of each month
5 pm, upstairs at Oasis Books at Café Anglais
Mr Jordan Earl is helping to organize this, also Ms Angela Coffee

Remember Sophia's lesson on "backward design"?
Backward design lesson plan template

How to write ESL lesson plans

How to write a simple ESL lesson plan

Do you have some ideas to post here?

Free lesson plans on this website!

Here is a message board for teachers to help teachers

English pronunciation lesson plans

new website for grammar questions: click here

Here are some websites to help make lesson plans:
This is the University of Victoria in Canada
write has lots of ideas for teaching how to write argument essays, comparison essays, literature essays, thesis statements

OWL Online writing lab at Purdue has great stuff on all things for university students
how to write argument essays
how to write a summary (Oregon State university)
more at VOA special english, etc… link?
and here's a Canadian one:

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