Mrs Green's Writing 4 Handouts

On this page I will post handouts for Writing 4 students.


April 19
business writing handouts:

  • writing business letters
  • writing business emails
  • writing a resume (CV)
  • writing a job application letter

March 7
What is on the midterm?

Feb 12
handout on writing about poetry

Feb 2
handout on literature analysis assignment due Feb 9
handout on writing paraphrase — 3 news articles to paraphrase

Jan 21
What to study for test on Jan 28?

Jan 7
handout of short story "La Puerta"
conjunctive adverbs worksheet

Dec 15
Handout of 3 short short stories and information on writing about literature pp. 118-131 from text Style and Substance

Dec 3
Handout one page: Writing about literature, a sample paragraph

Nov 24

Handout one page: Writing about literature using PQC
Handout 4 pages: Hills like white elephants, short story by Hemingway
Handout 2 pages: useful academic websites for your thesis paper

Nov 4

Handout: Analyzing Literature

Also short story: "Doors"
And photocopy on writing about literature

Extra handout: information from the internet on writing about literature
extra handout on writing about literature A
Extra handout on writing about literature B


5 page handout on writing synthesis and using comparison and contrast transitions
Writing a Synthesis Teacher's notes.doc

Write a summary and paraphrase.doc
Coordinating Conjunctions Worksheet
Basic RuleS for Writing the literature essay click here
Summary of Kenya News.doc
Writing a Summary Handout 1
Writing a Summary Handout 2.doc
Weathering Prejudice PQC samples.doc

Pele Paraphrase handout.doc
Mandela Paraphrase.doc

Handout Writing Paraphrase.doc

1. APA
2. Links for websites for literature resources Thesis Student Home Page
3. Writing the PQC Literature Analysis Paragraph click here
Handout Analyzing Literature
4. Mrs. Green's Thesis Paper handout — See Thesis Student page
5. Department Handout on for Thesis students Department Handout

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