Mrs Green's Speaking 3 Handouts

Speaking 3 is with Miss Laura this year.

Speaking tests are at your usual class times from March 16 to 19

Miss Laura will also give you your new assignment about writing a play in groups! Due sometime after spring break.

Laura emailed you this question: "Do you know Mary?"

new handouts:

next oral report:


final "s" — get the 4 page handout of Jazz Chants from a friend or at Top Technology or Habib.

th pronunciation information


debate groups and assignment

There is a four page handout on debates that you can photocopy.

Extra debate handout

Speaking 3 interviews and oral reports

Oral Report and Interview handout

Please review making questions for your interviews:

Practice making questions with "do"

Review making questions

Questions using HOW

How do I write questions?

Optional Handouts for Writing:

File 1. A Handout on Writing Questions

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