4th Year Assignments And Deadlines

Assignments and Deadlines for Fourth Year:

New assignments for 2008 - 2009

What to study for the final exam:

  • TOEFL essays
  • parallelism
  • business letters, business emails
  • resume, job application letters
  • anything we studied before such as analyzing fiction and poetry, writing thesis statements, writing outlines
  • using coordinate and subordinate conjunctions, conjunctive adverbs
  • punctuation, capitals
  • writing using PQC
  • writing summaries and paraphrase, writing an evaluative summary
  • absolutely anything we studied this year could be on the exam…. as you can see, I have not written the exam yet….
  • Be familiar with all stories and poems that we have read so far….

Ass 13
Portfolio assessment of business writing and TOEFL essays
In class each day we will do a practice TOEFL essay in a copybook. We will also do a practice business letter, email, resume and job application letter.

This copybook will be collected at the end of the term and graded for controle continue marks.

Ass 12
Literature analysis essay. Due Feb 9 handout with list of 5 topics
Write a 6 paragraph literature analysis paper. Must have introduction with thesis statement, 4 body paragraphs that use evidence from the text, use PQC or PEE style. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence. Must have a conclusion.

Ass 11
test on Jan 28
sentence grammar, analyzing literature, writing about literature

Ass 10 / 20
Read "La Puerta". Write a PQC/PEE paragraph using evidence.
What techniques or methods does the author use to reveal the two main characters? (What does the author do to make us see what the characters are like?) Focus on techniques used by the author. Give evidence.

Ass 9 /20
Read the three short short stories again. Write a PQC/PEE paragraph using evidence from two stories, and answer this question:
Compare the writing styles of two authors as illustrated by two of the short stories
("The new food", "Bread", "Old habits die hard")

Also: Read the two essays on the handaout pages 129-130. Do the questions on page 131
Also: Do the worksheet on conjunctive adverbs

Ass 8 /20
Write a literature analysis paragraph using PQC or PEE. Explain the techniques that the author, Silvera, uses to breathe life into the two main characters of "Old habits die hard" Due Wed Jan 7 at 12h. Not accepted late.

Ass 7 / 20 "Hill like white elephants"
Identify the point of view, give evidence for that and discuss the effect this point of view has. Now, describe how the story would be different if it were told from a first person point of view and a limited omniscient point of view. Give evidence from the story. Not accepted late. Use PQC or PEE.

Ass 6 /2
extra credit for group work on analyzing "Hills…"

extra credit for Jordan in Vocabulary class.
"A statue is being built in Nouakchott. Who should this statue commemorate and why?"
Hand in a mind map, with unrelated info crossed out, and name your style of organization, and write an outline. Give to Mr. Jordan

Ass 5 / 20
Write a PQC or PEE paragraph about the setting of "Hills like white elephants"
Do questions on this story. Also study "fiction" handout. Practice coordinating conjunctions. not accepted late

Ass 4 / 20
Write about the “moral center” of the story “Doors”. Give evidence. Not accepted late.

Ass 3 / 5
Notes or evaluative paragraph on Imam Bashar Araphat’s lecture on Islam in America.
3/5 for notes, 4/5 or 5/5 for paragraph. Completion marks. not accepted late

Ass 2 / 20
Write about characters in “Doors” using one of the questions in the handout to get you started.
Not accepted late.

Ass 1 / 20
Write about conflict in “Doors” using PQC, at least 2 quotes. Use argument style.
not accepted late

Nov 24
Paragraph on character in "Doors".
Use one of the topics on the literature handout. Use combination PQC/Argument style
No lates please.

Nov 17
Paragraph on conflict in "Doors"
Already marked and handed back. Not accepted late.

Nov 10
Read "Doors"
Read handouts on writing about literature

Old information from 2007-2008

speaking 4 oral exam Tuesday July 1 2008
Speaking 4 Oral Exam outline.doc

How to understand the controle continue mark for writing 4

Due Monday May 5 2008 Resume and Job Application Letter

in class TOEFL writing TEST!!!!! you must NOT miss this test!

make sure to get notes on parallelism and commas

TOEFL writing practice Due April 30th 2008
You need to buy a copybook and bring it to class every day. We will spend 30 minutes working on writing a practice TOEFL essay. You will hand this in later for your controle continue mark.
**I will give you a self evaluation sheet to hand in with this. **
Self Evaluation of TOEFL essays.

Mid Term Exam

Due Feb 20 2008

new compare and contrast essay topic
Due Feb 4 2008 Synthesis: Using the two articles given in class, write a synthesis answering this question:

How is the network of computers that we know as the Internet both different from and similar to shareware software? Write a paragraph comparing and contrasting these two ways of sharing information


Contact Assignment information

Oral Reports schedule

Due Jan 29 2008
Essay about "La Puerta" using the "Writing the Literature Essay" style.
handout of internet and intranet for summarizing and synthesis
working on using conjunctive adverbs

Jan 26 2008
Working on learning to write synthesis. Handouts necessary.

Due Jan 18 2008
Summary and Paraphrase about Aleg

Due Jan 14th 2008
Summaries about Kenya.
Please bring "La Puerta" to class, also handout on using conjunctions
We are going to work on writing compound sentences.

In Class Writing Test January 18th 4 - 6 pm in Amphi 1 and Amphi 2
You will read a short story and write a PQC paragraph in class.
You might also do some paraphrases….
or maybe correct some sentences with subject / verb agreement problems

Due Jan 7th.2008
Summaries about the shooting in Aleg

Due Thursday Dec 13th 2007

Paraphrase worksheet on Nelson Mandela.

Due Tuesday Dec 11th 2007

1. Do paraphrase worksheet on Pele, the soccer player. See handouts page

2. Paragraph on Weathering Prejudice: Choice of topic.
Carter states that "our antagonists could be clack as well as white". Give at least 2 examples from his essay in which African Americans showed their disapproval of the interracial relationship. In each case, tell why you think they disapproved.

OR How has the relationship between Richard and Janice been a "blessing" to both of them? Give examples

Due Thursday Dec 6th 2007
Paragraph on Weathering Prejudice. The author cites many examples of incidents that caused him and his wife to feel "hurt and humiliation". How has the couple's reaction to these incidents changed over the years? Why has their reaction changed?

Due Tuesday Dec 4th 2007
worksheet on paraphrasing

Paragraph Due Thursday Nov. 29th 2007

Using PQC, write a paragraph analyzing the relationship between:
Asha and Deepak OR Asha and Raj OR Raj and Deepak.
Remember to Analyze!! Use PQC. Only write on one topic!!


Using the PQC, point, quote, comment format for literature, write a paragraph analyzing the symbolism in the short story "Doors"
One page only.

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