3rd Year Assignments And Deadlines

Assignments and Deadlines for Third Year:


What to study for the final exam:

  • read the last reading handout about floods and drought. I could ask you about the vocabulary or to compare the two stories
  • vocabulary from the last reading handout
  • all old vocabulary, millions of words
  • grammar stuff: passive, gerunds, subject/verb problems, fixing phrasal verb problems, fixing possessive problems
  • sentence stuff: run ons and fragments
  • writing paragraphs: argument and compare contrast paragraphs, topic sentences
  • research paragraphs: PQC, APA
  • essays: outlines, brainstorming, compare and contrast essays, cause and effect essays, thesis statements
  • research essays: how to do research, 6Ws, question outline, where to find good information, how to use Google, how to evaluate a website, how to write a research (PQC) paragraph, how to make a research notebook
  • using commas
  • how to write direct and indirect quotations
  • how to introduce quotations
  • how to write a summary or a paraphrase, how to avoid plagiarism
  • anything else we studied this year. The exam covers everything from October to May….

Research paper
Research paper assignment
This paper is 3 parts. Each part is due on a different date: 6Ws and thesis statement are due April 21, Research notebook is due April 28,

Ass 13 Due April 19
Cause and effect essay assignment handout

Ass 12 Due March 10
compare / contrast essay.
Should have a minimum of 8 paragraphs. Compare and Contrast Christians Science and Norman Cousins's laugh therapy. Use information from both articles in your handout, plus one internet site and one encyclopedia. Use APA in text and give a reference list. Write a two part outline, one section on similarities (with 3 points) and one section on differences (with 3 points). Use quotations or paraphrases as evidence. Be sure to explain your evidence.

Ass 11 Due March 1
Do you think Amy's parents are responsible for her death? If so, what punishment do you think they should receive? Give evidence for your answer from "Dying for their beliefs" and from "Background". Use at least two short quotations and one paraphrase. Write your answer in good paragraph style.

Ass 10 Due Feb 22
a logical division of ideas essay, see handout

also study new vocabulary words (most are from the essay chapter) Quiz any time soon! Be ready!

Ass 9
Test Jan 32
sentence grammar, fragments, outlines, argument and comparison paragraphs
verb patterns, passive, vocabulary

not for marks:
worksheets from Grammar in Use on verb patterns and passive (units 42, 53, 54)
fragments worksheet #2 and #3
copy handout on Ch 4, from paragraph to essay. Read pages 56 to 59 and do questions on p. 59. Not for marks.
handout on fragments and worksheet. Due 8 am Jan 11. Answers with Habib. Not for marks.

Ass 8 / 20
Write a paragraph and compare Dianne Schuur and Frank McCourt. Use information from both articles. Do not copy word for word or plagiarize or copy from other handouts or other students. not accepted late. Due Jan 18. Must use point by point style. You must hand in a point by point outline with this.

Ass 7 / 30
Compare contrast paragraph, similarities between Dianne Schuur and Helen Keller
Hand in: compare and contrast chart 4 marks
2 outlines: one block, one point by point 6 marks (3 each)
one paragraph giving similarities only 20 marks

Ass 6 / 20
in-class writing, writing about the differences between Atar and NKC. Either block or point by point. Not accepted late. Differences only. One paragraph

Ass 5 / 20
Write an argument style paragraph. Do you think smoking should be banned in public places. not accepted late.

Ass 4 / 20
Write a paragraph: Choose one. What do you think was Frank McCourt’s greatest obstacle? How did he overcome it? OR How did Frank McCourt’s students give him the courage he had been lacking to overcome his obstacles? Not accepted late.
No plagiarism please.

Ass 3
Write a paragraph about the lowering of food prices in Mauritania. Is this helpful for Mauritania in the long term?
( not accepted late)

Due Dec 1
As a group, complete your paraphrase of another group's paragraph. NOT FOR MARKS
Do PP 25 to 31 in the second reading handout (Frank McCourt)
Study all of November's vocabulary words.

Ass 2
Write a synthesis. This is on page 10 of the reading handout. You are writing a letter that uses information from both readings in the first handout. (, not accepted late)

Also do the questions on p. 9 Passive Tense.

Ass 2
1. Write a paragraph about garbage in Nouakchott. You need to narrow this topic with a controlling idea. ( not accepted late)

2. Reading handouts: Do pages 1 to 9

Don't forget to put new vocabulary in your vocabulary log.

Due Nov 11
1. Write a paragraph explaining why you are happy or unhappy that Obama won the American election.
Use peer editing sheet to edit your own work (NOT FOR MARKS)

2. Do all the exercises on the paragraph handout: "news" (We did this in class)

Vocabulary Notebook
Buy a 100 UM notebook and begin a vocabulary log. You are responsible for the meaning and spelling of ALL words in the reading texts! I will collect the vocabulary notebook sometime during the semester.

class is cancelled on Nov 16


Speaking 3 Oral Exam How To Study

How to understand your controle continue mark

—new handout on writing the definition paragraph. See class president

—American Literature Research Paper due Wed Apr 23

Essay topics assigned to students

American Literature Assignment handout

Attach this paper to the copy you hand in!

Sample Research Paragraphs

How to Write an Outline (Purdue)

Doing Research

How to write a research paper

Writing the research paragraph

Using Direct and Indirect Quotations

Introducing quotes

There will Write a 3 – 5 page TYPED research paper.

Tuesday March 12 — (5 marks) • list of 6 W questions

Tuesday April 8 — (20 marks) hand in your research notebook:

Wed April 23 — (30 marks) hand in Final typed draft:


—Due Feb 12
Summary of the first article on the handout

—Due Jan 27
Compare and Contrast essay. five paragraphs. Use compare contrast style, with a good thesis statement and point by point organization. Only do similarities or differences, not both.
Compare and contrast: two famous people, or two sports, or two countries, or two holiday celebrations. See Activity 6 in the handout for comparison essays

—Due Jan 25
Writing Sentences with comparison and contrast transitions

—Due Jan 20

New topic: Children should not be allowed to watch more than 5 hours of TV per week. Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not? Give reasons and examples.
Please write a new five paragraph essay to answer this question. If your mark is higher than your first essay, then I will take the higher mark. DUE: Sunday Jan. 20th.

—Writing 3 Grammar Test Jan 18TH.
Writing 3 study guide

—Essay due Jan 8
Essay Handout

—Due Mon Dec 10
Read pages 62 to 75 of Essay Handout. Do pages 66 and 67.

—Due Wed Dec 5
Paragraph Due: Should Mauritanian students study both French and ARabic in SEcondary school? Why or why not?

Do pages 62 to 63 in Essay handout. Read pages 57 to 61.

—Due Mon Dec 3
Paragraph Due. Choose one topic:

1. Students should have to write an entrance exam to be admitted to the English Department
OR 2. Mauritanian schools should teach students to read in their mother tongue first. In other words, students should learn to read in Pulaar or Hassaniya before learning Arabic or French. You may argue "should not"

—Due Wed Nov 21st

Paragraph Due. Choose someone you admire, and give the reasons why you admire that person.
Use the three part paragraph: topic sentence, supporting sentences, concluding sentences. Choose someone from your community, or from politics or history.

—Due Mon Nov 26th

Paragraph Due: Write about the rising food prices in Mauritania. Use the three part paragraph. Make sure to give specific support and evidence with statistics, quotes, examples and facts!

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