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Voice of America Special English
This is a great site with good resources for English Language Learners

BBC Learning English
Another good site to find great things for English Language Learners to read

Dave's ESL cafe for students

This is a fun site for English Language Learners to write to other English students and to also get answers to their grammar and vocabulary questions. click on site home for more things to do.

ESL Reading.org
This site has free downloads of ESL books. There are some pre-reading helps and glossaries

Ted Power's site
Powers has graded readers for ESL learners

This is the CBS site for ESL learners. Lots of great resources

CBC Learning English site
Here is the Canadian CBC radio/TV site with materials for ESL learners

Starfall ESL Reading Resources for Children Starfall has phonics resources, stories, poetry and other reading texts for children and/or adult ESL learners

Time for Kids Time Magazine has online resources for K-6. Articles, home work help, interactive materials.

Free online English lessons!
Quote of the Day
Do you have some websites we should share?
listen to your **American and African Literature books at:**

Also 4th year students are reading "Heart of Darkness"
free download at: http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/526

American literature novels available for download:
Huck Finn. Free download at: ?http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/76

or at: http://www.planetebook.com/The-Adventures-of-Huckleberry-Finn.asp

Or read and download one chapter at a time: http://www.amlit.com/Twain/TheAdventuresofHuckleberryFinn/1.html

Students can download this and put it on their flash drive.

Moby Dick


Or: http://www.planetebook.com/Moby-Dick.asp

Or Read one chapter at a time or download one chapter at a time: http://www.amlit.com/Melville/MobyDick;orTheWhale/1.html

English Teaching Forum Magazine
The US Dept of State for some reasons publishes a terrific FREE magazine with great teaching tips for ESL/EFL teachers.
Go ahead and read some of their past issues online. Lots to learn. And Easy to READ!

The Internet TESL Journal
A very helpful FREE journal for ESL teachers

The Language Teacher
The JALT Journal, The Language Teacher is published by EFL teachers in Japan. A great source of ideas, techniques, and theory. You'll love it!

Dave's ESL Cafe
This page is a "grab bag" of teaching techniques. There is a whole page just for ideas of teaching reading and one for ideas for teaching writing.

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